Adieu 2018

It seems like yesterday we welcomed the New Year 2018 and today we are entering its last month! Days have not just passed but flown with time. It’s now time to cherish memories of the year gone by, review our own thoughts and correct our mistakes.

2018 has given some of the best memories like witnessing the Royal Wedding (though on media) with full excitement, construction of the huge Statue of Unity, the launch of Echo plus device just like Alexa to work in smart homes and many more advancements. Technology has simply broken its boundaries and is ready to take a leap. Awareness about health and fitness in people has increased and a positive shift is seen in food habits and regular exercise. 

At the same time, environmental problems are escalating. Deforestation is at its peak, breathing air has become equivalent to smoking number of cigarettes and temperature is on the rise day by day, one sixth of the world is facing drinking water scarcity. Extreme climatic conditions like floods and drought are experienced simultaneously at different locations. Garbage disposal and e-waste have become universal problems. 

Each one of us is an integral part of these happenings and is getting impacted by its consequences. Towards the end of the year, the realization to work on errors is essential. I remember a small incidence in our childhood about making ‘lemon sharbat’. When we added more lime juice and the result was sour, we simply added more water to dilute it and more sugar to balance the taste. It was so simple and natural response to bring back the flavour. Similarly, while reviewing this year, we can dilute the negativity and harmful actions by adding more neutrality and strengthening joyful experiences. 

While bidding good bye to the year, reflect on your own experiences through the year and ask few questions to yourself;
  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go well?
  • What made me happy?
  • What made me feel sad, jealous, anxious, etc?
Once you find these answers, you’ve won half the battle. Then think about the actions that will dilute negativity and how the taste can be retained by adding positivity. We can’t do much about what has already happened but we can always try to strike a balance to make our life more simple and meaningful. If there are any actions that can simplify the complexity of any relationship, then do it now and feel relieved. 

Let this month be only for reflection. Talk to yourself and see the peace that you feel from within. Remember to keep our environment in mind while revisiting your daily routine. Each one of us can contribute our small share to reduce the hazardous effects of pollution.

With a peaceful and composed mind, get ready to say Bye Bye to 2018!!


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