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Smart ME without a smart phone!

Today’s children are smart, practical and they can do multi tasking very well! Thanks to technology which is ready to make our work faster and easier! 
This shloka is obsolete now. Our morning starts with “whatsapp darshanam”! Starting from good morning wishes, philosophical images , jokes, invitation for any occasion, birthday wishes, and what not till good night.... everything happens on whatsapp! All updates are available on facebook and or similar media. Many smileys and thumbs up for a wonderful picture or dressing style or a location. In reality when a person in front of us, hardly any appreciation happens! Take any free time activity in any family.. most of the places what do we see? Everybody glued to their smart phone!
In short, today we all are digitally connected but socially and culturally disconnected! The personal touch of human connection is missing and many things are getting mechanical. The fingers are …