Each Day Is Special!

‘Intentions are good if they are expressed in the right manner!’ Having kept this in mind, we have decided to teach our students to make each day special for themselves! Gratitude, forgiveness, and encouragement are the inseparable parts of kindness. To instil these values subtly and inculcate good habits, we have introduced special features for each day. ·Moving Monday: The first day of the week needs to be energetic. Simple body movements help magical co-ordination with the left and right side of the brain. Stretch a bit, give rhythm to movements and add a fun element to the normal routine!
·Smiley Tuesday: Smile brings happiness not only to you but to everyone around. Smile has the miracle to turn complex to simple, rough to smooth! Tuesday reminds us to smile as it binds people together. The warmth a smile can bring is more than a million words.
·Appreciating Wednesday: It takes a lion’s heart to appreciate someone! Let us make a small attempt in acknowledging someone’s potential. Th…

Failure- A Step Towards Success!

The month of May was full of results; beginning with school examinations to Lok Sabha Elections!! The word ‘result’ creates lot of apprehension as well as enthusiasm. Even if the preparation is adequate, there are still butterflies in the stomach on the day of results. This anxiety reflects both hope as well as distress in each individual. When results are announced, we see various reactions; joy, depression, irritation or even denial.
Observing the current scenario and the hype associated with the results, it is obvious that accepting failure is a challenge for kids. If results are unexpected, kids take extreme steps like inflicting injury to self. This is certainly not desirable and the root cause of this behaviour is that children are not taught to accept failure. In an attempt to provide the best to kids, the craving to win has completely overshadowed the lessons one learns from losing. It is high time people realize that every child cannot be a topper in every examination s/he a…


The most awaited break has begun as the academic year has come to an end. This pause in the teaching-learning process is an important step. It’s not just a vacation but the time to spend with ourselves. The academic year is a happening phase and it is strenuous for educators as well as students. Teaching-learning is a continuous and demanding activity which needs innovation at each step. This break indicates that special time for students, educators and all who are involved to think, reflect and revive!
For educators, it's the best time to reflect on their methodology, a new approach for a difficult concept, plans to use differentiation in the classroom, strategies to handle student discipline, tactics to evaluate the success of their planning, availability of new aids, use of new technology and many other aspects.
Students can assess their own performance in terms of not only academics but also their participation at various activities, interpersonal relations, making new friend…

Am I Responsible?

As the financial year has come to an end, our plans for further savings have started taking shape. Looking at the pace at which the world is moving today, we have to invest a lot in our children! To enable our children to think in a right direction will be the true asset.
“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future!” - Adolf Hitler.

We are living in a world where children are assisting us in using the latest technology. Use of tablets and mobiles is at their fingertips and with Google’s camera they can travel miles with a smile. Our children are going to be the citizens of a globe which is shrinking day by day! Naturally, with such an expanding network, their reach is going to be much further than ours! Yet, we, adults, play an important role in deciding the direction of this leap! Today’s children are young adults and they can be our strength; it all depends on how we hold their hand and make them aware of their own goals.
Meaningful and open communication with children will hel…

Being A Woman…

Recently watched the movie ‘Anandi Gopal’ and felt immensely proud of the Indian woman! Right from Mother Teressa, Indira Gandhi, Fathima Beevi, Bachhendri Pal, Anjali Gupta to Arunima Sinha, SainaNehwal, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi all have amazed us with their achievements. The Indian woman believes and respects our culture while adapting to various circumstances across the globe. International women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women in various fields. This year the theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Balance For Better’ indicating gender balance in every aspect of life, which is the responsibility not only of women but the whole society.
In our country where still male-dominant attitudes exist, many women are trying to strike a balance between home and career; giving the best at various roles that they are playing. A woman has the mask of a housewife at home while taking care of food, kids’ studies and other household chores and that mask change into a confident, effic…