New Year, New Thoughts!

Cherishing the wonderful moments of 2018, we welcome the New Year 2019! A new year is the beginning of new hopes and new horizons! Many of us have made new resolutions and are eagerly waiting to make a difference. It may range from personal fitness to helping others and taking care of the environment. This aspiration to bring about a change is a sign of our progressive thought process. The change may be very small, but it is a step towards a healthy and harmonious society. As a new thought, let us introduce ourselves to the PEACE code i.e. Positive Engagement And Collaborative Environment. Today all of us are facing the rat race, each one is stressed out due to many reasons, there is hardly any effort to understand each other and accept people for who they are. The thought of truly accepting diversity needs to be instilled. That’s the reason; we have established PEACE code for our students as a part of the ‘Creating Positive School Environment’ project. I feel this PEACE code is appl…

Adieu 2018

It seems like yesterday we welcomed the New Year 2018 and today we are entering its last month! Days have not just passed but flown with time. It’s now time to cherish memories of the year gone by, review our own thoughts and correct our mistakes.
2018 has given some of the best memories like witnessing the Royal Wedding (though on media) with full excitement, construction of the huge Statue of Unity, the launch of Echo plus device just like Alexa to work in smart homes and many more advancements. Technology has simply broken its boundaries and is ready to take a leap. Awareness about health and fitness in people has increased and a positive shift is seen in food habits and regular exercise. 
At the same time, environmental problems are escalating. Deforestation is at its peak, breathing air has become equivalent to smoking number of cigarettes and temperature is on the rise day by day, one sixth of the world is facing drinking water scarcity. Extreme climatic conditions like floods…

24 Karat Magic In The Air

After the scorching heat of October, we have realized to appreciate and welcome the change in weather. As the festive season is approaching, one can feel the wave of energy and enthusiasm everywhere. Houses are getting cleaned, streets are lit, hawkers and shopkeepers are geared up with colourful rangolis, lanterns, clothes and lots of stuff. Online shopping sites are coming up with new fashion statements and a range of offers. Aroma of diverse food items has filled the air.Children are relieved from their hectic schedules and parents have got a breathing space. People of all age groups are enjoying chatting over the topics of preparation of the festive season.
What makes this time so special?Is it because of food items or lights or new clothes or holidays? None of these … there is no novelty in any of the reasons as it’s a part of our routine lifestyle throughout the year. I guess it is the feeling that everyone looks forward to! The feeling of being lively and enjo…

The Joy of Giving

We are an inseparable part of the society, one of the biotic factors of the environment and a small dot in this universe. Very often we get caught up in petty matters, ego concerns and totally forget that there is something beyond ME! The month of October reminds us to fill in this gap and experience the joy of giving. Without being kind, there is no sense of togetherness. You don’t need to be wealthy for giving, but it is a habit that needs to be nurtured with conscious efforts. There are many people who make others feel special just by their kind words, actions and thoughts
School being an important part of community and a great centre for learning; we have started contributing in our own ways to the society. We involved students in these activities to experience the happiness in serving the world around us.
The best gift we can give someone is our time! Our students and teachers went an extra mile to Vajreshvari village to visit an Ashram School and spent time with their students.…

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day…

As the month of September approaches, we start cherishing the wonderful time spent with our teachers. Teachers have witnessed our growing years and changing personality at every step. Teachers have given us aspirations to soar and corrected us when we went wrong. Teachers have a distinctive identity in our life. Each one of us remembers those special moments with our teachers, may it be pre-school teachers or the highest degree professors!
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a great teacher, philosopher and also the second president of India, introduced the idea of honouring teachers. Since 1962, his birth day i.e. 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India. And 5th October is marked as World Teacher’s Day in order to thank all educators across the globe. This special day is the memento for all teachers for their dedication, commitment and responsibility to ensure that the needs of future generation are consistently reviewed and met.
Today, a teacher is not only an instructor,…

Value Of Life