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New Year, New Thoughts!

Cherishing the wonderful moments of 2018, we welcome the New Year 2019! A new year is the beginning of new hopes and new horizons! Many of us have made new resolutions and are eagerly waiting to make a difference. It may range from personal fitness to helping others and taking care of the environment. This aspiration to bring about a change is a sign of our progressive thought process. The change may be very small, but it is a step towards a healthy and harmonious society. As a new thought, let us introduce ourselves to the PEACE code i.e. Positive Engagement And Collaborative Environment. Today all of us are facing the rat race, each one is stressed out due to many reasons, there is hardly any effort to understand each other and accept people for who they are. The thought of truly accepting diversity needs to be instilled. That’s the reason; we have established PEACE code for our students as a part of the ‘Creating Positive School Environment’ project. I feel this PEACE code is appl…