24 Karat Magic In The Air

After the scorching heat of October, we have realized to appreciate and welcome the change in weather. As the festive season is approaching, one can feel the wave of energy and enthusiasm everywhere. Houses are getting cleaned, streets are lit, hawkers and shopkeepers are geared up with colourful rangolis, lanterns, clothes and lots of stuff. Online shopping sites are coming up with new fashion statements and a range of offers. Aroma of diverse food items has filled the air.Children are relieved from their hectic schedules and parents have got a breathing space. People of all age groups are enjoying chatting over the topics of preparation of the festive season.

What makes this time so special?Is it because of food items or lights or new clothes or holidays? None of these … there is no novelty in any of the reasons as it’s a part of our routine lifestyle throughout the year. I guess it is the feeling that everyone looks forward to! The feeling of being lively and enjoying the festive vibes in the air. The best part is every person is involved in some or the other task. The feeling of being involved is essential for our smooth ongoing routine. It keeps us tied to someone and one can sense the belongingness.This season also marks get-togethers, fun and laughter, moments to cherish; may it be with family, relatives or friends. Such gatherings help us to move out of our monotonous routines and spend time with our near and dear ones. The current trend of capturing moments in pictures and selfies makes it all the more memorable. There is one more reason for many to get excited and that is planning for holidays. Such trips help to enhance the bonding and strengthen their faith in each other.Some people take this outing as an opening to strike a chord with nature.

Overall it is the time to be YOU! The masks that we wear at different points, come out during this time. You enjoy being with your own likes and dislikes, strengths and challenges and start feeling good about yourself.Being active and enthusiastic is the outcome of our positive feelings and the right mindset. So, without analysing too much, grab this opportunity to find your inner self! Engage yourself into the preparation of the festive season and feel the ‘24 Karat Magic’ in the air!

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali and compliments of the upcoming season!!


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