The Joy of Giving

We are an inseparable part of the society, one of the biotic factors of the environment and a small dot in this universe. Very often we get caught up in petty matters, ego concerns and totally forget that there is something beyond ME! The month of October reminds us to fill in this gap and experience the joy of giving. Without being kind, there is no sense of togetherness. You don’t need to be wealthy for giving, but it is a habit that needs to be nurtured with conscious efforts. There are many people who make others feel special just by their kind words, actions and thoughts

School being an important part of community and a great centre for learning; we have started contributing in our own ways to the society. We involved students in these activities to experience the happiness in serving the world around us.

The best gift we can give someone is our time! Our students and teachers went an extra mile to Vajreshvari village to visit an Ashram School and spent time with their students. They arranged entertainment games for them, played outdoor games with them, accompanied them to sing songs and crack puzzles. It was a fruitful day and our students were touched by their hospitality and great learning took place! An NGO Umang Foundation organized a Donation Camp at Thane and our students participated whole heartedly and helped them in arranging and distributing school stationery to kids in nearby schools. It was a great Joy of Giving!The power of empathy with human beings makes us only one of its kind. Our Student Council initiated a small wave to help the flood victims of Kerala. All the students were informed about the idea and the response was amazing .Students contributed in their own way and it was really a lesson on 'Being Human' well learned!

We invited parents for Yoga sessions and many parents experienced Yoga sessions with their children on International Yoga Day. Our students also organized yoga sessions for local women and senior citizens. Students’ enthusiasm and urge to help the community was overwhelming.On the eve of Independence Day, our students visited various malls in the locality and spread the message on the topic of ‘Respect Women’ through dance and posters. I am sure that students had a lot to learn through these messages.

One of the most effective ways of addressing social problems is through street plays. Looking at increasing use of plastic and its harmful effects, our students went to different societies, railway stations, gardens and public places to perform a street play on Ban Plastic. On the International Day of Peace, students rallied in localities near the school to spread awareness about road safety. Students carried placards with safety slogans, some students took help of helmets emphasizing its importance and a few highlighted the use of zebra crossing with their dress.A sense of accomplishment could be seen after they came back to school. These activities may look small, but they subtly instil many life lessons.

Each one of us has something to give to others or to our mother earth. We simply need to identify that; one may choose to give a smile or a caring gesture. To let go and forgive someone can also be a part of giving. Each time you think of giving, you feel those positive vibes around you. There is a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment and you start feeling good about yourself. Even the most expensive gift can’t give you this inner peace.

Our young adults are getting ready to experience the joy of giving, it’s your turn now!


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